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Coupons & Promo Codes

We have discovered that promo codes for discounted axe throwing are floating all over Google from third-party websites . Instead of having you browse untrusted websites looking for an Axe Throwing promo code, we’ve decided to offer a promo code. 


Use Promo Code “Tomahawks” to Save 10% OFF Axe Throwing ANY Day of the Week!


You won’t find a better deal on any third-party site.


We’re able to do what we do because you defend our freedoms and protect us in times of peril. Past and present military and EMS personnel will receive 20% off of their axe throwing reservation when booked through online. Discount will apply to the entire group. You’ve earned it. Military/EMS ID will be required at check in to confirm service.

Thank you for your service

Use promo code "USA" for 20% OFF all online bookings

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