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About Us

Tomahawks Axe Throwing was founded by Shad Kearns, Shane Kearns, and Tommy Winn in 2016 in Downtown Lincoln Nebraska. 

Our mission at Tomahawks Axe Throwing is to be Lincoln’s first choice for exciting, safe, social entertainment. Tomahawks pride itself on delivering a warm, inclusive, and vibrant atmosphere where people can be social and have a blast being themselves. While the idea of throwing axes may seem daunting at first, we assure you that this is a safe and fun activity! In fact, no previous skill level is required to participate. Still uneasy? Think about it this way: the act of throwing axes at a wooden target is just like a larger version of darts!


Our expert staff aims to provide the ultimate Axe Throwing experience for walk-ins, private parties, team-building events, and leagues. We’re serious about customer service, so you can focus on having some serious fun. So round up a crew, take aim, and let ’er rip

The History of Axe Throwing in Lincoln

The history of axe throwing is believed to date back to the early days of human civilization. Axes were often used as tools for hunting and gathering, and it is thought that people began to throw axes for recreation as a way to improve their skills. Axe throwing was first popularized in the United States in the early 2014s and in 2016 the first axe throwing business open shop in Lincoln, Nebraska registered under the name Tomahawks Axe Throwing. The three Midwest brothers' business concept of using the same business structure as a bowling alley to turn axe throwing into an amusement business was a huge success. Their business was an instant hit. People loved the excitement and challenge of axe throwing, and they appreciated the safe and controlled environment that the brothers provided. Soon, other companies began to take notice of the brothers' success and started opening their own axe throwing facilities.Today, there are over 600 axe throwing facilities in the United States.

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